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Disposable Pods / Puff Bars
Puff Bars are the latest revolution in vaping, designed to offer vapers the ultimate in convenience without compromising on performance or flavour. Super-discreet and highly portable, a Puff Bar comes pre-filled with delicious e-liquid, often in a nicotine salt formulation for just the right balance of flavour, throat hit and instant relief from cravings. With no buttons to operate or settings to fiddle with, simply take a puff as you would a traditional cigarette. As they’re disposable, when your puff bar reaches the end of its life, just replace with a new one.

You’ll find delicious, satisfying and ultra-convenient Puff Bars from all the biggest names and innovators in vaping, right here at Vape store, including GeekVape’s bestselling Geek Bar vape, SMOK’s Mbar, and the original Beco Bar. With more brands launching their most famous flavours in simple, satisfying, disposable Puff Bars, Vape store is your one-stop-shop for all your Disposable Vape Bar UK needs.