ABAY Portable Charging Case


1 x Dinner Lady vape juice

ABAY Portable Charging Case Key Features

  • Compatible with the ABAY Pod Mod
  • 1050mAh battery
  • On-the-go Charging
  • Up to 5 charges

About the ABAY Portable Charging Case

The ABAY Portable Charger is here to ensure you never run out of battery again. The ABAY Portable Charger can recharge your ABAY Pod Mod up to 5 times with a single charge, making it ideal for the beach, concerts, your car, or anywhere else where outlets might be scarce. Never be caught with a low battery again with the ABAY Portable  Charger!


Inside the pack

1 x ABAY Portable Charger Case


3mg, 6mg


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