AIR FACTORY ?Mystery? 100ml Vape Juice


1 x 100ml bottle of Air Factory Vape Juice

?Mystery? 100ml Vape Juice Key Features

  • 70% / 30% VG/PG ratio
  • 100ml of vape juice from Air Factory
  • Available in 6mg (0.6% nicotine), 3mg (0.3% nicotine), and 0mg (nicotine free)

About ?Mystery? 100ml Vape Juice

What flavor is the ?Mystery? vape juice from Air Factory? We’re cracking this case wide open with a reveal on this delectable flavor, which is a mix of fruit and berry taffy. Taffy has never tasted sweeter than it does in this juice, which is sure to please anyone with a serious sweet tooth.

Air Factory vape juices are available in multiple nicotine strengths, including 6mg (0.6% nicotine), 3mg (0.3% nicotine), and 0mg (nicotine free).


3mg, 6mg, Nicotine Free


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