FIN E CIG Cool Menthol Starter Kit


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About the Fin Cool Menthol Starter Kit

A great starting point in your vaping journey. This menthol kit by FIN offers a cool inhalation that is popular with many e-cigarette users. The ease with which this kit can be replenished with FIN E-cig refills is also not to be overlooked.

The pack itself comes with one menthol-flavored refill chamber. This should last you around 400 puffs, replacing up to around 40 cigarettes, depending on use.

Please note, as well as buying new cartridges for this kit (when required), it is recommended you change your FIN E-cig battery every 6–8 weeks depending on use.

FIN Cool Menthol Starter Kit Key Features

  • Rechargeable menthol e-cigarette from the FIN starter kits range
  • Rechargeable battery life is 3–6 months with regular use
  • Once pack runs out, the only short-term upkeep is the purchase of FIN cartridge refills
  • White-tipped LED light illuminates when you draw on the cigarette

Charging the battery

The battery is fully charged in approximately two hours.

 1 x FIN rechargeable battery
1 x USB charger
1 x cartomizer


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